Alpha-1 Canada Official Statement Regarding Paid Plasma Donation

Alpha-1 Canada supports the continuation of paid plasma donation (PPD) in Canada and encourages all governmental bodies to provide ongoing support for the maintenance of such practices.

Plasma collection is essential for the production of many life-saving medical therapies including alpha1-proteinase inhibitor, which is a valuable treatment option for Canadians diagnosed with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.

Paid Plasma Donation in Canada is regulated by Health Canada and the US FDA and poses no increased risk to Canadians. Over the last 25 years, no infectious disease transmission has been related to this process.

If PPD is banned in Canadian provinces, then Canada will be dependent on importing an increased amount of plasma and plasma-derived products from other countries, many of which obtain their plasma from PDD.

Alpha-1 Canada recognizes and commends Canadian Blood Services on their efforts to develop a plasma plan in 2017 to significantly increase the amount of plasma Canadian Blood Services collects from voluntary, non-remunerated Canadian donors.

Alpha-1 Canada intends on providing feedback to Health Canada’s plasma expert panel that will look at issues related to the collection of human plasma needed to produce life-saving products. To read more, visit the website. 

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