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    Kelly’s Story

    Parenting is challenging at the best of times but juggling childcare
    while managing a rare disease brings additional heartache to Kelly,
    who would love to be able to run alongside her three active children.

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    Jolene’s Story

    Committed to a healthy lifestyle, Jolene uses physical fitness
    and positive thinking to manage her Alpha-1 and encourages
    others to do the same.

  • Read
    Cathy’s Story

    Even through the heartbreak of family loss and adversity,
    Cathy remains optimistic that there will be an increase in
    early diagnosis and treatment options for Canadian Alphas.

  • Read
    Syl’s Story

    Alpha-1 is a family affair. Syl illustrates that there is never just one Alpha in a family.
    Having this rare disease does not define Syl.
    He is an inspiring patriarch and an active Alpha!

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Enroll to Alpha-1 Canada

By enrolling with Alpha-1 Canada, you can help us identify the number of Canadians diagnosed with Alpha-1, which helps us advocate on your behalf when we are working with provincial and territorial public drug programs to help you get access to therapies.

Register with Alpha-1 Registry

The Alpha-1 Canadian Registry is a confidential database where Canadian researchers store information shared with them by patients. By registering with the Alpha-1 Canadian Registry you will be kept up to date on research advances, treatment options and opportunities to participate in clinical trials.

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