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    Kelly’s Story

    Parenting is challenging at the best of times but juggling childcare
    while managing a rare disease brings additional heartache to Kelly,
    who would love to be able to run alongside her three active children.

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    Jolene’s Story

    Committed to a healthy lifestyle, Jolene uses physical fitness
    and positive thinking to manage her Alpha-1 and encourages
    others to do the same.

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    Cathy’s Story

    Even through the heartbreak of family loss and adversity,
    Cathy remains optimistic that there will be an increase in
    early diagnosis and treatment options for Canadian Alphas.

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    Syl’s Story

    Alpha-1 is a family affair. Syl illustrates that there is never just one Alpha in a family.
    Having this rare disease does not define Syl.
    He is an inspiring patriarch and an active Alpha!

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Upcoming events
  • Feb 24

    Vancouver Annual Climb the Wall

    Open to all abilities, the 491 ft Sheraton Wall Centre is an iconic landmark in downtown Vancouver that you can only climb with the BC Lung Association

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    Feb 24

    Ride for Rare

    A small group of passionate people can do amazing things if they put their hearts and minds together! Ride for Rare is a grassroots initiative to mobilize health centers, namely spin studios across the country to participate in a Charity Spin Ride.

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    Mar 28

    Breathe Bash

    The Lung Association is thrilled to announce that the Sickboy crew will be back to emcee Breathe! Bash 2019.

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  • May 24

    Inspired Breathing Conference

    May 24th and 25th, BREATHE Lung Association - Saskatchewan. Bringing together patient voices, family physicians, respiratory specialists, and other health care professionals together

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