Alpha-1 Skin Disease Treatment

Various therapies have been tried for panniculitis, including panniculitis due to Alpha-1, among them corticosteroids, antibiotics (including doxycycline and dapsone), the complete exchange of the body’s blood plasma, and augmentation therapy – intravenous infusions of donated Alpha-1 protein.

In panniculitis due to Alpha-1, augmentation therapy has been the most dramatically successful of these therapies. Several reports describe resolution of panniculitis after as few as three doses of augmentation therapy. The dose of augmentation therapy for panniculitis is the same as that for established emphysema, 60 mg/kg once weekly.

Unfortunately, no treatment for panniculitis is 100 percent effective. Undoubtedly, treatment choices for panniculitis will grow as research continues on new therapies for Alpha-1.

The information on this page was adapted, with permission, from information on the website of the Alpha-1 Foundation. The foundation acknowledged the generous help of James K. Stoller, MD, MS, in the preparation of their information on Panniculitis.

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