Angela Diano

Executive Director

Angela is passionate about community engagement and patient advocacy with a career that has been centred around leading community relations programs for not-for-profit organizations. The foundation of Angela’s career was working with grassroots community service agencies providing crisis intervention, community outreach, program development and championing philanthropic initiatives. Her work with local community programs led her to working with provincial and federal programs specializing in building strategic partnerships and leading collaborations for public health programs, with the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Trillium Gift of Life Network and Health Canada.

Mary Anne Beesan
Mary Anne Beeson


Mary Anne has twenty years of experience working with volunteers and special event planning. She has led fundraising campaigns and recognition events with many non-profit organizations in Southwestern Ontario. Mary Anne works tirelessly on behalf of patient groups, managing the administration of programs and services.

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